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 Tour OperatorsNile Cruising with Traveline Traveline Docking Area
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It was a must to think of two issues that serves the needs of Traveline Group


1- Safety

2- Clients convenience


Nile cruising is a very popular way in discovering the wonders of Egypt. Since we had our two vessels M/S Hamees & M/S Sun Ray in addition to our future plans to expand. We were always thinking of all issues linked to our Nile Cruise operation.


One of the most valuable & important assets is to own our owned Docking Area in Luxor as this is the point of embarkation & disembarkation of most of the Nile cruise ships.

Over & above this will automatically provide the two factors mentioned above.


Accordingly we succeeded in locating a docking Area that is not far from the city center of Luxor but also located in green quite Area.

Below is the docking map & pictures of the Traveline docking Area.


In Aswan we share with the Presidential Nile Cruises their docking Area which is less crowded & all safety issues are available.


Below you will find the facilities that serves


1- Safety 

·       Civil fighting & fire fighting

1.The harbor is equipped with a network of fire fighting supplied by water from the stream of the Nile.

2.The fire fighting network consists of 16 fire-fighting faucets. The distance between each two faucets is no more than 60 meters along the harbor.

3.The fire fighting network is equipped with an electricity-operated fire-fighting pump.

4.The harbor is provided with a movable fire-fighting machine fueled by oil.

5.The harbor is provided with 12 applicable dry-powder fire extinguishers.

6.The harbor is provided with 4 crossing paths to the vessels.

7.There is a specialized official trained by the Civil Fighting Department to handle fires.


·       Guardianship & Security

1.There are 7 guardians specific to the harbor.

2.There are 2 guardians provided by the police of floating vessels.

3.There are wireless contact devices with the security officials employed by General Department for Marine Police, police of Floating Vessels and Civil Fighting Department.


2- Clients Convenience

      • It is a private Dock where clients enjoy peace & Tranquility away from the crowd in Luxor City were all boats docking alongside each other (10 Boats in a row). 
      • Away from the traffic noise.





Main Entrance
Metal fence
Bomb Search Mirror
x-Ray Machine & Metal detector hand scanner
Emergency Exit
Dry-powder fire extinguishers & Fire Faucets
Fire Hose
Fire Faucets
Electricity-operated fire-fighting pump
movable fire-fighting machine fueled by oil
network of fire fighting supplied by water Nile


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