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Egypt……The Birders’ Paradise

Situated at the juncture of three continents Europe, Asia and Africa; Egypt with its unique location is sanctified with wide variety of bird habitats that range from high rugged mountains to tropical style jungle along the lush Nile basin. With its 5000 Year- old archaeological and historical sites, Egypt provides a number of diverse ranges of fauna and flora, particularly some African bird species not found elsewhere in the Western Palaearctic.

Located on the major routes of migratory birds, over 470 bird species pass through Egypt in the fall and the return in the spring months. One third of these species is resident and found in Egypt year around. Among the various species of birds one can watch many globally threatened and endemic species like Grey Hron,Black kite,Brown necked Raven and many others.

Egypt ……Sacred Birds Gods

Marveling at Egypt’s antiquities sheds light on the fundamental and vital role that birds featured in the Egyptian ancient history, particularly that some of the earliest and most important Egyptian gods, such as the falcon-headed god Horus, were thought to manifest themselves in Various Birds. Several examples in the ancient Egyptian History embodied that the Egyptians were interested in taking birds as their gods such as Nekhbet, a goddess represented in the form of a Vulture.

Furthermore, the ancient Egyptians were superb natural historians and on walls of their temples and tombs, over 76 different species of birds can be identified. Though many of these depictions present hunt, these hunting scenes were symbolic. For instance; scenes portraying the pharaohs netting wild fowl are interpreted to symbolically represent the King taming the inimical spirit. A visit to the fascinating stepped Pyramid of Sakkara and the mastabas of Ti and Mereruka will show the amazingly accurate carved representations of birds of ancient Egypt.

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